Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cost Of Catering 150 People What Is The Average Cost Of Catering In Louisville Ky?

What is the average cost of catering in louisville ky? - cost of catering 150 people

What do you pay per head for the holidays?
I think I have served in pasta dishes on the reception, such as spaghetti, lasagna and fettuccine Alfredo. I will be 100 to 150 people who attended. All ideas of what it costs on average one caterer in Louisville, KY?


phantom_... said...

We need to call a partner restaurant in the region. Celeb chef, I mean the stars are much more expensive. If your pasta dishes are high costs for ingredients (such as mussels, for example), the much more expensive.

Here you will find pasta very cheaply. You can take an Italian restaurant to him. My catering, including linen and crockery and cutlery hire. It also included the presentation of all the mountains of fruit at several levels and make it beautiful. A catering deposit service cheaper.

My wedding dinner for 150 and my estimate was about $ 23 per person. It was one of the cheapest in my area. However, if you go into a restaurant and no-shows could find you closer to $ 13 per person. Most hotels have restrictions. The hotel has a package and have their catering and alcohol consumption. Therefore, it is often $ 55 per person.

Costs of food is less expensive if they are not locked up.

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